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Presentation: 16 liters Powder / granule, in POOPIS composting bag

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The POOPIS substrate allows enough moisture to be retained to create the ideal environment for bacteria and the POOPiScompost accelerator to transform organic waste. At the same time, the granule will absorb the nutrients necessary to feed the plants once it is ready.

The grain size of the POOPIS substrate, unlike common carbon (dry leaf litter, small branches, cut grass, etc.), makes it possible to have a perfect compost mixture to mix with organic household waste, since when drying these are not so small, the result It is a perfect land for floriculture (with pet waste) and horticulture (without pet waste).

POOPIS special substrate 16 lts

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  • Care:

    In the event that it gets abundantly wet, just spread the substrate on a surface that allows it to dry under the rays of the sun and can again be used for compost.



    POOPIS substrate does not contain chemicals, avoid direct contact with the eyes, preferably cover your mouth and nose when handling to avoid breathing it.

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