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The composting bag is designed to be used as a composter of your organic waste to use the resulting fertile soil in horticulture or, if you are going to dispose of your pet's waste and take advantage of the organic waste from your kitchen, you can use the composting bag to produce soil fert for floriculture.


Its black surface absorbs heat and sunlight to increase the temperature inside and facilitate the composting process, its holes on the surface of the bag allows oxygen to enter the mixture that is necessary in composting, and They are so small that they prevent pests from entering the inside of the bag.


8 composting bags

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  • Its materials are made of paper resistant to one or more rain storms, when it dries it will return to normal operation, it only introduces more dry material (litter, shells, etc.) to level the mix of nitrogen + carbon + humidity.


    Do not worry because cellulose is one of the most compostable and biodegradable and recyclable materials that exist, in addition to the notable interest of the industry in recycling it.

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